noah is a 24 year old artist located in fresno, ca. he is nonbinary (he/they) and a type one diabetic. he is an advocate for #insulin4all.

in his free time, he paints, draws, writes, roleplays and plays fighting games. his favorite game is blazblue: central fiction! his dream is to one day do illustration or concept art for a fighting game. he is also interested in working on a ttrpg.

one of noah's greatest loves is danganronpa roleplay. he has many danganronpa ocs, some of which can be found here. a lot of his danganronpa ocs get re-purposed for other projects, usually of the storytelling variety.

noah is currently available for hire as a designer, illustrator and concept artist! he loves collaborating with other artists and creating art for causes he believes in, especially when it's local to the central valley. if you're interested in working with him, you can check out his contact page.